Project actions

Main action Sub action Title Leader
A A.1 Authorization request for the pilot plant installation and operation.
Authorizations from the Environment Counselor of Abruzzo Region are mandatory for the pilot plant construction and operation according with national regulations D.Lgs. 152/06.
B B.1 Process analysis and design specifications necessary for the pilot equipment design BME
B.2 Design and engineering of the pilot equipment BFC
B.3 Procurement, construction and commissioning LFOUNDRY
B.4 Pilot equipment demonstration at industrial scale including a series of tests for the technical validation of the pilot LFOUNDRY
B.5 Activities to ensure replicability and transferability of project results will include two sub-actions:
5.1) the analysis of the whole process mass & energy balance, 5.2) preparing a Business Case related to the proposed technology.
C C.1 Environmental assessment of the project impacts UNIVAQ
C.2 Assessment of socio-economic impacts of the proposed project LFOUNDRY
D D.1 Dissemination planning and execution LFOUNDRY
E E.1 Project management by LFOUNDRY including the monitoring of the progress of the project, periodic reporting with compilation of indicator tables and elaboration of the after-LIFE plans.