Public Deliverables

In this section you will find all deliverables of public interest produced within the LIFE BITMAPS project.

Action A - Preparatory actions

No Public Deliverable for this action

Action B -  Implementation actions

  1. Deliverable B4.1: Report on pilot plant validation test
  2. Deliverable B5_2: Business Case on the proposed technology

Action C -  Monitoring of the impact of the project actions

  1. Deliverable C1.1: LCI definition, definition of flows of all inputs and outputs of the structured system
  2. Deliverable C1.2: Performance indicators list (mid-term report)
  3. Deliverable C1.3: Environmental impact assessment, including LCA and LCC results, conclusions and Recommendations
  4. Deliverable C1.4: Performance indicators list (final report)
  5. Deliverable C2.1: Report on assessment of socio-economic impacts

Action D -  Public awareness and dissemination of results

  1. Deliverable D1.1: Dissemination and Outreach Plan
  2. Deliverable D1.2: Logotype and graphic identify
  3. Deliverable D1.3: Website
  4. Deliverable D1.4: Kick-off workshop event
  5. Deliverable D1.5: Progress report on dissemination and networking activities
  6. Deliverable D1.6: Pilot findings shared and discussed during the biannual WG meetings
  7. Deliverable D1.9: Final conference
  8. Deliverable D1.10: Layman's report

Action E -  Project management

  1. Deliverable E1.1: Partenership Agreement
  2. Deliverable E1.2: After LIFE Plan