• Aerobic Biodegradation of spent TMAH Photoresist solution

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    Pilot technology for aerobic Biodegradation of spent TMAH Photoresist solution in Semiconductor industries.

Life Bitmaps

Purpose and objectives of the project

The LIFE BITMAPS project will establish a pilot plant that will demonstrate a new and never-before attempted process for the treatment of effluents from electronics and semiconductor manufacturing. The project will contribute to the implementation of the EU Water Framework Directive 2000/60/EC by introducing more efficient treatment technologies that will help reduce Tetramethylammonium hydroxide (TMAH) pollution at source. By recycling wastewater, it will also demonstrate the application in practice of the circular economy priority of water reuse and savings in industrial processes.

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17SEP '20

Final Conference

The Final Conference of the project has been held on September 17th 2020 with the scope to summarize the project's results and identify possible future developments aimed to replicate BITMAPS technology by engaging local, regional and national authorities as well as their technical bodies...
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10APR '18

Pilot Plant installation and assembly

Pilot Plant installation and assembly has been completed by BFC Sistemi in April 2018 at the LFOUNDRY site in Avezzano. The Plant will operate within 2 containers having interconnections with other facilities water-treatment plant...
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31MAY '17

Workshop meeting of LIFE BITMAPS

A workshop has been organized on Wednesday May 31th by UNIVAQ (University of l'Aquila) on the LIFE BITMAPs Project "Pilot technology for aerobic Biodegradation of spent TMAH Photoresist solution in Semiconductor industries" funded by EU within the LIFE Program...
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15FEB '17

First monitoring visit of project officer in Avezzano

On that occasion it was able to verify how the project is going ahead as agreed during the design stage by fulfilling various tasks and milestones. The consortium has also received a letter from EASME confirming what has been said and congratulating for the progress made so far....
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Coordinator & Partners

Coordinator: LFoundry S.r.l.
LFoundry Srl is a company, based in Avezzano, Italy, that produces specialist parts for integrated circuits. The company's manufacturing plant in Avezzano includes a treatment plant for industrial wastewater.

Partners: Biomaterials & Engineering Srl, Italy | B.F.C. Sistemi Srl, Italy | Università degli Studi dell'Aquila - Dipartimento di Ingegneria Industriale e dell'Informazione e di Economia, Italy.

  • LFoundry
  • Università degli Studi de L'Aquila
  • BME
  • BFC Sistemi

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